After our Saturday morning monthly Business Connect Executive team meeting, I said something to the team I have never said before. I hope and pray it is true.

We operate on very slim margins because we want to provide our products to the beneficiaries at the lowest possible price. We want to give the largest possible margin to our national reps on the ground creating a sustainable business model. We want to see thousands of families drink clean and safe water.

Every time we have a good sales month, we always have ten places demanding further investment. That has not changed. What has changed is our capacity to meet future demand. I believe we have the right people in the right places of responsibility, bringing the right gifts, having the right attitude, building the right brand, partnering with the right organizations, with the right strategy. Instead of having a kernel of doubt deep in my sub-conscious about whether we should continue, I said to the team, “I believe we have a bright future. I cannot wait until 2019!

With that is mind I need to say to each of you who take the time to read this, that we are very grateful to you for your friendship, encouragement, being a champion for our work, buying the product, making a donation, believing in us, praying for us, just plain being in our lives. Your presence is invaluable. You are and have been a Christ gift to us. Thank you.

Yours truly ready to explain all things safe water at a recent conference

May the holiday season not wear you out but warm your hearts.

Merry Christmas.

Lou and the Business Connect/Connect for Water team (Lou, Jereme, Mickey, Jeff, Darin, Michelle, Mike, Paul)

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