Thursday, January sixteenth.

Today was a step back into time. I drove down roads I had been on two years ago when the first one million displaced Rwandans had been returning from Eastern Congo. I was seeing some of the same needs, meeting friends, and staring down the same stone-faced boy soldiers carrying AK-47s. We met a couple members of parliament and took a tour of a newly build secondary school on the edge of the mountain overlooking Lake Kivu.

Friday, January seventeenth.

Part of our team is coming together. Keith is leading this mission but a lot of details need to be addressed, for example, where do we find 400 ton of seed? There still needs to be a plan made at each prefecture and commune. That is my job. The vehicles are in bad shape. In the afternoon Jim and I went to Ngororero, the sub prefecture for three communes. We met with two Agronomes and have plans to visit again in a week. At that time, we will have a list of vulnerable people.

Saturday, January eighteenth.

Today was a change of plans once again. I sent Pete off with Annaka and Joost to get a feel for Rwanda. The whole afternoon Joost and I spent on the computer trying to get a message off to the family. Three more volunteers arrived with a truck and land rover. Each night I am getting to bed around midnight. I am running out of steam. Every day is a challenge. I love it. There are so many obstacles to overcome. Annaka’s bed broke. It poured this afternoon. I need your love and support babe! Are you there?

Sunday, January nineteenth.

We went to a church service at ADEPR. That stands for Association des Eglises de Pentecote du Rwanda. I took all the members of our team out for lunch. At 3:00 P.M. five of us left for Kibuye. We arrived at dusk and stayed at the ADEPR Guest House.

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