The question I struggle with is How can one make a significant difference in the world?  We talked this morning about the massive needs of the eighty million refugees and displaced persons and our personal response.  The consensus seems to be about our personal response rather than anything to do about making systematic change.  Some points raised that I heard:

1.       What is God saying to each of us?  It may not be the same for each of us.

2.       Act within the confines of my influence and resources.

3.       Get involved…however, small.

4.       “Action anywhere is action everywhere.”   (Hope I have that quote correctly.)

5.       There are levels of responsibility; personal, corporate, government?  

6.       The role of the church of being a servant and willing to sacrifice to and for our communities, to and for the needy, to and for the world seems to have changed to one of alignment for power and influence.

7.       Jesus did not address systemic change but personal responsibility, love, and compassion.

Well, that is what I heard.  The more I think about this issue, I disagree with some of those statements. My best thoughts often come later.

1.       I believe God says the same thing to all of us but most of us will respond differently. 

2.        I should never limit my engagement to effect change.  God’s resources are unlimited and for the most part unseen and unused because we  (I) don’t have enough faith and courage to get in the dirt and need them.

3.       Have a big vision for change but start small. Proverbs.

4.       Action anywhere is only action somewhere, not everywhere. 

5.       To suggest it is the responsibility to another entity is a cop out, one I have used more than once.

6.       The institutional church leaves a lot to be desired, but it is the faithful who practice sacrificial service to others that is the real church.  I believe there are many who are not members of a church, not even Christians, who are members of Christ’s church.  James 2: 18-36

7.       The institutions of power were frightened by the life and teachings of Christ.  He was radical, fearless, and called for his followers to leave their life of comfort. Mark 3: 34.  In our day and age no one in North America and South Africa fear the rhetoric and actions of Christians.

So, how did I answer the question of leveraging my small efforts for significant change?  I did not answer the question at all but maybe it is a question that I should continually be asking myself.

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