Our water filter enterprise is always in need of additional finances. The need is great and never-ending. The generosity of people and the long days and hard work of our on-the-ground partners continue to inspire us. What is not so common is to be inspired by strangers here in North America.

Last week, my son Jeff and I attended the annual meeting of the International Conference on Missions in Cincinnati, Ohio. It is usually attended by several thousand and this year was no exception. There were upwards of 150 exhibitors. As I walked about introducing myself and our products, I came to a booth that was working with orphan kids in East Africa. I asked the lady, “What are you doing about ensuring everyone has clean and safe water?” This started a significant conversation. Overhearing the conversation was an elderly lady who turned out to be the mother of the lady managing the booth.

She wanted to know more about a new product package we have put together. World Missions based out of Comstock Park here in Grand Rapids has a MP3 solar operated player which we can now include in our Bucket to Bucket VF100 Water Filter Package. On the player, we can put the scripture of any one of the hundreds of languages that are written. We have written a script introducing the need for each of us to protect ourselves with a filter for our soul and a filter for the water we drink for our bodies.

Individually, the filter kit and MP3 Player would be a $99.00 price tag. We were selling them for a special conference price of $48.00. She asked, “Can I purchase one and you send it to someone who needs this?” It is being sent to a young single desperate Ugandan mother who has just taken a job in Jordan.

The next day a young lady pushing an occupied stroller stopped with her seven-year-old son. He was fascinated and asked question after question about how and why we were filtering dirty water from bucket to bucket and next to it we had a 5000 gallon a day system. Jeff showed him how we back flushed both systems, maintained them, and stored the water. After a ten-minute dialog, he wanted Jeff to tell him what he could pray for. Jeff said, “Pray for the millions of people who have to drink bad water and open ways for how we can help.” He then prayed for us and our booth in the middle of the crowd.


As they left, Jeff turned and told me what happened. I said, “Whoa, I need to go find that lady and get a name, a story.” They were gone just that fast. We never saw them again.

We feel blessed and thankful….and so privileged to be surrounded by people like you. Thank you for blessing us so we can, in turn, bless others. Enjoy Thanksgiving in a special way this year.

Lou and the Business Connect/Connect for Water Team.

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