Yesterday was perfect in so many respects.  It started off with a great night of sleep, attending our group at church.  It was our congregation’s 25th anniversary.  We spent an hour talking about these questions: 1) What brought you to this church?​ 2) What keeps you at this church?  Great discussion.

Jan and I then went home and I put on my walking shoes and we drove up Rockford where I walked 9.7 miles as part of the North Country Trail.  I walked from Wabasis Lake to Edgerton, a town that no longer exists, just east of I-131.  I saw what looked like a pair of white storks in a swamp.  There was an abundance of Banded Woollybears on the road.  They tend to be plentiful in the autumn.  It hibernates as larva and pupates in the Spring.   

For some reason I walked passed a lot of Northern Red Oak (Quercus rubra) and picked up some acorns.  They are eaten by turkey, blue jay, and ruffed grouse. 

Jan had gone to a restaurant and had lunch.  She brought me a Mellow Yellow and an hour later I was at the intersection of the White Pines Trail and Thirteen Mile.

On the way to our monthly small group (Four couples and growing friendship) we stopped at Robinette’s Apple Orchard and purchased some fudge.  We had a dynamite discussion on what it is we do when we pray.  Three pages of notes.  Great stuff.  We had a wonderful but simple meal and then went over to our daughter and celebrated our grandson’s 15th birthday.  Finally, at 10:00 P.M. we got home and I watched one of my few tv shows, The Good Wife

I went to bed about an hour after Jan and found her warming up my side.  A day like this does not come every day combining the Spirit, friendship, nature, family, physical exercise, food, stimulating discussion…and acorns in my pocket. 

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